DIY Nail Art

Four Simple Ideas for DIY Nail Art

There is more to nail art than just applying color to nails. There have to be sufficient preparations on the nails to ensure that the nails are ready for application. A person can choose to have their nails done by a professional nail technician. Nail technicians usually know the right procedure to create high-quality nail art. Also, a person can do their nail art at home. Here are some techniques that a person can use to create unique nail artwork.

Brush painting

In this technique, a person uses different kinds of brushes to create classic designs. The best brushes are the ones with synthetic bristles. It is better to have a little practice first before going with this technique. Some brushstrokes that can create beautiful patterns are angled, detail, dotting, flat, and line.

Sponge Bobbing

This technique creates gradient and achromatic nail designs. After using a sponge, the result is sprinkled and bespattered. The positioning of the sponge is what brings out the designs.


This technique is an excellent idea for DIY nail art designs. It involves using an image plate and a stamper to bring out the plans. First, an image is printed on the nail and then covered using a stumpy layer of special nail paints. Then the scrapper goes rigidly across so that the nail polish remains as a residual in the pattern. A stamper is then used in a rolling oscillation movement to put the image upon the nails.


Another great DIY nail art design idea is using tape. The first step is to apply a base color. Then cut tape gets applied to the nails. The tape covers the part of the nails that are to have the base color alone. The last step involves using another color on the exposed portion of the nails.
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