10 Nail Trends for Summer 2020

If you are feeling a little daring or maybe uninspired read on to see what nail trends are sizzling this summer!

1) Neons

Neons are currently all the rave, like, totally (80's throwback there.) Many nail influencers are covering the entire nail in these fun bright shades while others are creating fun faded tips.

2) Line Drawings

As a watercolor artist, I very much love this trend. It is simple and chic. This can be created using stamps, decals, or a good old fashion paintbrush. Add a pop of color for a fashionable look.

3) Jade Stone

Similar to the Rose Quartz trend, this gorgeous minty green has blown up in recent months becoming one of the hottest designs for summer.

4) Abstract

Probably one of the easiest trends to create because, well, it's abstract and no one can tell you that you've done it incorrectly.

5) Bold Black

Put on your Little Black Dress, er, I mean, Little Black Nails, and paint the town! This look, while it can be difficult to remove completely, goes with just about anything you wear... Including that LBD.

6) Fun Fruits

Add a little twist to your nails with this juicy trend. Easy to accomplish if you are familiar with reverse stamping or have some funky decals.

7) Polka Dots

There is just something so light and bubbly about this trend that I enjoy. Getting a perfect grid can be difficult but there are a lot of tools out there that can assist.

8) Cool Blues

I am currently rocking an icy opal ombre manicure and as someone who doesn't like blue nails, this look is stunning. Even my husband likes it. So step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Already like blue? Grab a different shade!

9) Glitter Ombre

While not a new trend, this is certainly still very popular. Not the easiest to accomplish, but there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube to help you perfect this look.

Laura Lovelace

10) A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

The most important thing about doing your nails is to just have fun. If you don't know where to start, grab two of your favorites and just throw them on your nails. Mix, match, and play.

So there you have it! Ten nail trends of Summer 2020 for you to try.

Comment below with you favorite.

Commit to one, let us know how it goes. Or add your own.

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