4 steps to beautiful natural nails

Different occasions call for different attire - and, of course, different manicures. If you have ever had to get rid of a fun manicure at the last minute because you had forgotten about some formal event you had, then you are probably also familiar with having to rush to give yourself a more neutral manicure right before bed to make sure you look put together on the next day. To save you some precious sleep, we’re sharing some useful tips to make your natural nails look as good as a fresh, nude mani with a lot less effort.

#1 Clean, clean, clean Just like you would for any other project, you need to start with a clean slate. If you have just removed your previous fun mani, make sure you have properly wiped off every last bit of nail polish: after that, wash your hands with some gentle soap to make sure your nails do not stay in contact with nail remover longer than they have to. While you’re at it, use a delicate nail brush to clean out any dirt that might have accumulated under your nails.

#2 Nourish your cuticles Properly washing your hands helps with the following step, which is that of treating your cuticles. To start, apply some cuticle softener or remover: cutting your cuticles might not be necessary, since you have no polish to preserve, and leaving them alone might actually help grow healthier nails. If you need to, you can push them back gently. After you have taken care of your cuticles, moisturize them abundantly to help them in protecting your nail.


#3 Trim and shape Next, decide if you’d like to maintain your current length and shape. If you had gel, acrylics, or even just dip for a while beforehand and you didn’t get to shape them, chances are your nails grew out to be a little uneven. Trim your nails if you have to and file them in one direction. If you want to treat yourself to a quality file, we recommend trying a glass, diamond, or crystal file: they will cut the time it takes you to shape your nails and will last you years while doing minimal damage to your nails when compared to other files.

#4 Polish without polish Have you ever seen those 4-way blocks? If you are keeping your nails natural, they will probably turn out to be your best friend. Following the four steps indicated will leave you with smooth, shiny nails that will look like they are coated with clear polish. In case even plain, regular polish would take too long to dry, we strongly recommend giving one of those buffers a try: they will transform your nails in seconds. If you are opting for nail polish, however, doing that might be of aid: buffing and polishing your natural nail would reduce the grip nail polish has on it.


Are you caring for your natural nails the way you should? The next time you don’t have the time to give yourself a manicure or need a break from nail enhancements, try pampering your natural nails and showing them off. Show us your natural nail journey by tagging us on Instagram!

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