A Polish for Every Lifestyle

Whether you keep yourself busy 24/7 or prefer to relax whenever you have the chance, there is a polish that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

When it comes to nails (and anything else, really), everyone has their own preferences: some prefer a long-lasting, low maintenance look, whereas others love switching up their nail color as often as possible. In the end, it comes down to your own personal lifestyle and taste, and your choice of nail polish reflects that.

When you’re treating yourself to a manicure, you want to be sure you are picking the right polish to do the job: here is a brief guide to the most common types and the main perks.

Regular Nail Polish

By far the most accessible (and widespread) polish, the classic kind is perfect for whoever gets bored of wearing the same color for too long and prefers changing it as often as possible. Classic nail polish is a cheap option that does virtually no harm to your nails while requiring minimal application time. Its main downside, however, is that a mani with classic polish only lasts a week or so before chipping – which will definitely not be an issue if you enjoy (and have the time for) change!


One of my favorites - Dip powder manicure simply consists of dipping (hence the name) your nail previously covered in a sealant into a small jar of pigmented powder. Its application takes a little longer than that of classic nail polish, but your manicure can even last two to three weeks. Using dips can get a little messy at times, which is why we suggest tools like the dip holder and the saving tray to save every last bit of powder. Another upside of this technique is that it does not require as much precision as the others, which makes it perfect for beginners.


Gel is probably the longest-lasting polish, and unlike the previous two, it must be curated using a UV light. A simple, one-color application takes 45 minutes to an hour, but gel is the perfect method to experiment with fun nail art.

We could differentiate between two kinds of gel polishes: soft gel, which can be removed by soaking your nails with acetone, and hard gel, which can also be used to lengthen the nail (as opposed to soft gel, which is solely used as color) and doesn’t come off as easily.

Gel, in particular the hard kind, can be harmful to the nail if removed incorrectly, so make sure you are extra gentle when removing it yourself!


Shellac is a recent, half-gel half-classic nail polish product by CND. Unlike hard gel, it doesn’t require you to file your nail plate neither for application nor removal. For this reason, its impact on nails is minimal. It could be considered a semipermanent polish and it lasts about two weeks, given that it is thinner than regular gel polish. This kind of polish, too, must be curated with a UV light but it can be easily removed at home by soaking your nails with

acetone. This product is fairly new, but it’s gaining popularity because of its gentleness compared to gel polish: those who use it see it as a longer-lasting, slightly more aggressive alternative to classic nail polish.



Generally used before applying other polishes, acrylics are applied with a brush using a combination of a liquid monomer and powder polymer which, once dry, protects (and can be used to lengthen) your natural nail. Unlike Shellac and gel polishes, it air-dries and does not require a UV lamp. This product is not a colored polish (but can be purchased in colors), rather a very useful tool in your manicures if you have damaged or naturally thin nails. The application of acrylic takes a lot longer than the rest of the products, requiring even up to a couple of hours. For a faster and cleaner process, we recommend using a brush rest. Acrylics can last as long as three weeks and is easily removed with acetone. But whatever you do - DO NOT chip it off as it will hurt your nail.



Just like the name indicates, acrygel is a happy medium between hard gel polish and acrylics. It’s more elastic than acrylics and more resistant than gel, which makes it the perfect product for nail reconstruction if you love keeping your nails long. Like gel polish, it needs to be cured through UV lights and it’s incredibly long-lasting. It’s usually clear, but you can color it by adding your favorite pigment to it. The time required for its application is less than that for acrylics, mainly due to the fact that it does not need to air-dry.

No matter your lifestyle, there is a perfect nail color type for you and your needs. Experiment with more than one to find which one fits your lifestyle and nails best: once you do, you’ll never want to have naked nails again.

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