Colors that will take over this spring


The spring equinox is less than a month from now, and at that point, we’ll be able to officially leave this long, dark winter behind us and soak in the beauty of blooming nature once again. There is not much we can do other than let time lull us forward, but we can ease the wait by planning our manicures ahead of time: today we’re sharing with you the colors that will be leaving their mark this spring!


Heather Purple

This sober variation of the typical spring lilac is inspired by one of the two pantone colors of the year, Ultimate Grey. The cold undertones make this shade perfect to start transitioning from winter to spring polishes while keeping it far from dull: it will make you feel like spring is approaching at full speed!



These earthy colors are pretty much everywhere! They have the versatility of a nude and a lusciousness that only rich, red shades have. They’re both classy and trendy, and their warmness helps us prepare for the hotter days ahead.



Pastel colors are omnipresent every spring, and we just couldn’t leave them out! This minty green is peppy, bright, and guaranteed to lift your spirits up. Its vibrant shade and cool undertones mean it’s a great choice for a transition season like spring! Match it with white, peach, or beige if you don’t like solid color manicures.


This year’s yellow is nothing less than the second Pantone color of 2021, Illuminating. This soft yellow was chosen to represent optimism and happiness, and we believe that it would make for a gorgeous manicure to greet the warmer season. If you’re looking for a color to remind you of the longer days to come, then this vibrant yellow might just be what you’re looking for!


Brown nudes

Beige nails are a good look year-round, but we think that they’re a valid neutral shade for spring. Just like terracotta polishes, brown shades are being popularized by the tortoiseshell trend: if you love the colors but you’re not too confident with attempting the artistry, this might be a good alternative.



This omnipresent pastel is a good option if you love green but don’t like the pep of minty colors. It’s soft, warm, and incredibly popular: use it to add a fun twist to a classic French manicure with the help of our new French dipper!



This muted version of the color of the year will allow you to stay on trend without giving up the typical pastels that spring brings along. It’s almost neutral and it matches most colors, so we suggest you have fun with it!

This spring’s nail color trends are clearly affected by the two colors of the year: whether you enjoy the pep of bright, colorful shades or you like to spoil yourself with some more versatile manicures, remember that you can play around with both the undertone and overtone of your polishes to perfectly complement your hands and look trendy at the same time. To let us know how good your experiments look, snap a nailfie and tag us on Instagram!

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