Diamond's are a girl's best friend

Nail Jewels

When it comes to jewelry, there is a reason diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They’re hypnotizing regardless of their size or shape, and they add a little bit of sparkle to pretty much everything. Still, they’re hardly something you can treat yourself to in your day-to-day life. If you want to add some bling to your daily routine without spending a fortune, you can opt for nail jewelry: from acrylic rhinestones to Swarovski crystals, from golden accents to tiny pearls, we can guarantee you’ll be able to find something you’ll love that will help you add some bling to your manicure.


Rhinestones and crystals are the perfect way to add some sparkle to your nails. They come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, and colors: you can opt for Swarovski crystals if a high-quality sparkle is fundamental for you, or you can look into resin or acrylic ones if you want to bling out all of your nails on a budget (and if you don’t want to feel as bad if you end up losing them!).

The best application method really only depends on how long you want the jewel to stay on your nail. Some use plain topcoat to apply their gems, which might not last longer than a few days – which makes it a great solution for people who are new to nail jewels and want to test out how comfortable they are with them first. Other, more popular ways to glue them on include resin and gel polish: we strongly suggest the latter if you need some time to work on your positioning and want to do so as calmly as possible since it will allow you to cure the nail only when you’re comfortable with the outcome, while resin works best if you have fast and confident hands.

A universal tip for every method, however, is to make sure that the dot of product you’re using to glue the rhinestone to your nail is smaller than the gem you’re applying. If that’s not the case, the product will spread on your nail as you press down the gem and ruin the manicure you worked so hard on.


A big don’t when it comes to rhinestone application is applying topcoat on top of your jewel, as in most cases doing that will dull its sparkle. Instead, just lightly buff the interested area on the nail before applying the glue and your gem in order to obtain an extra-secure hold on your nail, or if you consider yourself a pro, apply the topcoat around the crystal. If there are any gaps between your nail and the base of the rhinestone, you can use a thin brush to fill them in with gel or glue.

Despite being an unmatched favorite, rhinestones are not the only kind of nail jewelry you can treat yourself to. Mock pearls are a great fit for your manicure if you want it to look fancy and classy but skip the sparkle, and small gold jewels (which were big this past winter) are perfect to spice up your nails while keeping a minimalist look.


Regardless of your jewel of choice, we can share a couple of useful pieces of advice that will work with anything. When you’re looking to get some bigger jewels, make sure they have a slight curvature: this will help them adhere better to your nail’s natural curve and it will prevent them from getting caught and ripped off (yes, sometimes your own hair can be your worst enemy) without having to resort to tons of glue.

Another important aspect is the placement of your jewel, which is something you should think through before application. Placing it on the stress area or on the tip of your nail means, in most cases, that it will pop right off in no time. Those areas are the ones that are most likely to bend, giving your jewel the necessary leverage to fly off your manicure for good. The safest placement for a long-lasting bejeweled mani is near the cuticle since the stress in that area is minimal and placing a jewel there will prevent you from going through the bitter unpleasantness of l