Egg-cellent nails to rock on Easter

This year Easter falls on April 4th, which means that if you haven’t already thought of the manicure you’ll be showing off less than three weeks from now to go egg hunting you might want to start mulling it over. Fortunately for you, we have gathered some of our favorite trends we have seen so far in the weeks leading up to Easter: if you’re panicking and in need of some inspiration, we can guarantee you that you will love these manicures.


Spring skittle

If you don’t feel like diving in free-hand nail art or even stamping, we have something for you, too. Skittle nails are simple, solid color manis that use a different shade on every nail. You can choose to use different hues of the same color or just different polishes you believe would look great together to truly let your creativity do the work for you. We recommend studying the color placement beforehand – you don’t want to put two clashing shades right next to each other!


Mini eggs

We were told that to have a successful hunt you need to think like your prey – and this possibly the closest you can get to doing that for your traditional egg hunt. If you’ve been fond of mini eggs since you were a kid or you just like to rock a stylish mani that’s so unmistakably Easter, you’ll want to give this look a try: it’s the biggest trend we have seen so far this year.



There is a reason daisies are so reminiscent of the warmer season: this flower usually blooms during late spring, indicating that temperatures have finally increased for good. What you might not know is that one of the most widespread kinds of it is called the Easter Daisy, as they are guaranteed to flower right around Easter Day. If you don’t have a green thumb, however, you could sport these gorgeous flowers on your nails: they make for delicate yet vibrant nail art.


Pastel blocks

This negative space nail art reminds us of the abstract patterns you could find anywhere in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and we’re absolutely here for it. This art can be a fun modern twist on the typical spring pastels, and they’ll allow you to sport a trend that has been growing nonstop over the past year.


Abstract mountains

Recreating a landscape using soft, pastel colors? This manicure is incredible! You’ll need a few different shades to replicate this art on your own nails – we won’t judge you if you’ll need a liquid caddy to keep track of the polish bottles – but the final result will be so stunning it will blow your mind.


Bunny Ears

We get it, not everyone is gifted when it comes to art. Even if doing nails helps develop a steady hand, artistic abilities are a whole different skillset. If you’d like to recreate all those cute Easter bunny manicures but you don’t trust yourself to do a satisfactory job, maybe attempt some cute bunny line art first to assess your confidence - worst-case scenario, you’ll end up with a minimalistic bunny mani that will look just as cute with a lot less hassle.

Have you made up your mind on what kind of manicure you’ll get to celebrate Easter in style? We know we can’t wait to see them - share your nailfie with us by tagging us on Instagram!

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