Half A Manicure?

Photo by Deanna Alys

Do you ever just end up with half a manicure? Currently I am rocking a manicure solely on my right hand.

I haven’t had a bunch of time to sit down and do a full manicure but this past weekend I found myself with an extra couple of hours. Usually, when I do my nails, I put my whole set up in the kitchen where there is good lighting, good ventilation, and as a family of 5 living in the house this area is out of the way from all of the people walking around. But this time, I set up in the living room as I wanted to watch Netflix while I got to work on my nails. I was really excited, especially because I wanted to use my new Dip/Polish Holders and Liquid Caddy. I quickly got out all of my supplies and arranged everything so that it was organized and ready to go.

This manicure was planned ahead of time so I already knew which colors I wanted to do (I swear choosing colors is the hardest and longest part), and was feeling good about the amount of time available to do this manicure. Well into it and I am incredibly impressed with the Dip/Polish Holder - I had a large amount of my favorite color of powder overflowing into the holder. I get my first round of dips done, then my second, I am just finishing my third layer of powder when I hear it.

The car pulls into the driveway!

At this point I’m hoping that it is someone who doesn’t want to spend their time in the living room. I’m still trying to focus on finishing my manicure and in denial that I won’t get to my other hand. As I’m dipping my last nail into the powder, they all come inside, sit around me and start talking about the brand-new truck that they were looking at buying. Asked if I was up for a drive with them, I looked out the window, saw the truck and knew immediately that I wanted to go. At this point I was on the last round of activator, so I quickly finished the right hand of my manicure and went for a ride. So many other things have come up since and I have not been able to start on my other hand.


Here I am, days later, staring at a single-hand manicure.

This whole situation has gotten me thinking though. While I was going to do my left hand in a similar design but a completely different color combination... Maybe, in the end, this will all be a good thing for me. You know, doing one hand every week, as opposed to both every two weeks. That will cut back on the amount of time that I need to do my manicures. As cute as it is to have manicures that are the same on both hands, I really just end up comparing which hand looks better and thinking about things that I could have done better anyway. If I do an entirely different color scheme, I won’t be able to solely focus on the one that didn’t come out quite right. It is certainly some food for thought, and who knows, maybe later I will try it and fall in love with the idea of similar but different.

Here's hoping anyway!


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