How to Take The Perfect Nailfie

Sometimes showcasing your talent requires a whole other kind of talent: this is definitely the case of nailfies, the subtle art of taking pictures of your latest mani.

When taking a nailfie, you’re both the photographer and the model. You must be able to find the perfect setting, lighting, and background, and at the same time, you need to strike the perfect pose that will allow you to display your brand new nails in a way that is both natural and flattering. Mind you, this is no easy task: showing off your nails (thumb included!) without assuming the claw-like pose is a lot more difficult than it looks.


Most prefer to hold onto something in order to take the perfect picture and the most common prop is the nail polish bottle used for the mani, but that doesn’t always work – just think of dips or acrylics, which rarely look pretty enough to include in a nailfie.

For this reason, nailfie props are becoming more and more common: they allow you to hold onto something cute that will complement your nail set. When choosing a nailfie prop, you’ll want to pick one that will make your manicure stand out and, at the same time, match the shade you’re wearing. For this reason, picking a prop of the exact same color as your nails might not be a great idea, but choosing one with some details of the right shade will help your mani pop.

If there is something I have learned, is that the best prop you could ever get is one that matches your favorite nail shade. As a fan of everything red, especially when it comes to nails, my favorite props are those like the Red Glitter Dripping Lips: the red glitter complements my nails perfectly without drawing attention away from them, which makes it the perfect accessory for nailfies.

If you prefer to play and experiment with different shades, then you might want to purchase a more neutral, passe-partout prop that will work with whatever color you have picked, such as the Silver Nailfie Diamond or Snowflake from the Winter Collection. Might I add, the snowflake makes for the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas!

And if you simply cannot seem to find the right nailfie prop for your pictures, then just get in touch: Laura would be happy to work with you to create your very own custom prop however you’d like it.

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Comment below with your favorite prop and don't forget to tag #nailpropshop on IG to have your nailfie featured!

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