St. Patrick’s manicures that get a green light

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching fast and it will have you whipping out your most vibrant green shades: whether you celebrate because you are Irish or you just appreciate a good party, we’re here to inspire you and help you find the perfect manicure to rock in preparation for March 17th.

Green glitter by @tiffanynailsit

If you anticipate you will have naked nails until the very last minute because you’re just too busy, just know that this does not preclude you from getting a celebrative mani. There’s no need to put a ton of time and effort into your nails if you don’t have the chance: just sprinkle some green glitter on your natural nails or a nude base coat and you’ll feel good as new!

Celtic knots by @happily_polished

Some of the most powerful elements of Irish folklore are its knots. Nowadays they can be found pretty much anywhere, and that includes stamping plates! This is an original idea for a St. Patrick’s manicure - and if you get overwhelmed trying to navigate through all the different variations of the eight original knots, a stamper stand might come in handy!

Dotticure by @simple_naildesigns

A dotticure is the perfect manicure to indulge in some celebrative nail art without experimenting with more complex designs. You can use different greens, add a bit of gold for good luck, or you can switch it up with the colors of the Irish flag!