The neat freak’s guide to organizing your nail supplies

How many times have you rushed to buy a nail supply to discover, later, that you already had it at home? We already know the answer - it’s a bit of a universal experience. Organizing your tools and products is fundamental to save precious time and, of course, money. Keeping a neat desk while working and storing everything in a reasonable way is one of those one-time things that will make your life so much easier: if you are not exactly a neat freak, we gathered a few tips to make the organizing process as painless as it can be.

Tool Station

1. Inventory

Look, we are confident that no one likes to waste their money on products they already own - especially if they are perishable. Just like you would for standard grocery shopping, starting by making a list of everything you own and what you are missing could help you make your trips to the beauty supply store a lot more efficient and, more importantly, cheaper. Preparing swatches of all of your colors is a great way to easily see what colors you already own and can be displayed on a Swatcher Stand. Owning a couple of extra nail files is not a big deal, but opening a new bottle of polish with limited shelf life when there wasn’t really the need to could turn out to be a little wasteful. Using a liquid caddy is a great way to keep them organized and sitting upright. To get the most out of your products, try to keep track of them the best you can.

2. Split mani and pedi products

While most of the nail products are the same, separating those specific to manicures from those specific to pedicures might help you navigate your supplies. Your foot file might get in the way while you’re looking for your cuticle pusher, and you would have seen the cuticle oil you had already opened if the foot scrub hadn’t been in the way. If you want to avoid the hassle that comes with having to navigate through products that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are actually looking for, we recommend separating the tools you use strictly for foot care from those used for manicures.


3. Store similar products together

Do not, for any reason, place your hundreds of nail files in different spots. Doing that is, firstly, the perfect way to make yourself forget where you placed your supplies - which inevitably leads you to buy more despite not really needing them. Keep all of your files in the same spot, and if you need to separate them in any way you can start by sorting them out by grit number. Whether you keep them in a tool case, a drawer using a dip organizer, or you like to use a specific organizer is completely up to your personal preference, but always try to gather them in the same spot so you can get the most out of them before buying new ones.

4. Prepare your nail station in advance

It’s hard to know exactly what products and tools you are going to need for each manicure, especially if you like to let your creative side take over, but taking out the basics each time and organizing them on your desk before a manicure can do wonders for the scatterbrained nail lover. Instead of taking things out as you need them, place everything neatly on your desk in advance. We designed our brand-new tool station because we’re all too familiar with the struggle of having to look all over for tools you knew were on your table, especially while dealing with time-sensitive nail products. If you need to keep everything in one place (and you’d like not to ruin your manicure by bumping your nails against the desk), a small organizing station might just do the trick.

5. Avoid hoarding

This is not much of an organizing tip, but it can definitely help make your storage much neater. While wholesale discounts can be appealing, they’re actually convenient in very few instances. Unless it’s something you go through quickly enough to justify the jumbo packages, try to avoid buying too many units of the same product: it’s not simply a matter of shelf life, but also a useful tip to declutter your home. We don’t recommend waiting until the very last minute to replace something that is finishing either but try to not buy products before you’re actually running out.

Do you have any tips to keep your nail supplies organized or are you not one for orderly storage? Show off your manicure working desk and let us see how the Nail Prop Shop is helping you stay organized by tagging us on Instagram!

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