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March 8th is known all over the world as International Women’s Day. A great way to celebrate the month of March, known as Women’s History Month, is to look further into the history and achievements of some of our female predecessors: whether it be in the field of sciences or arts, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find relevant contributions of incredibly smart women that you never learned about. Today, to honor this date in our own way, we’ll be going over the go-to manis (and, of course, achievements) of some of the most powerful and influential contemporary women.

Symantha Wechie-Onyechi

Symantha Wechie-Onyechi is the creator and owner of Triple O Polish, a brand she created to allow everyone to have the perfect nude nail polish to match their skin tone. Her shades now range far beyond nudes, with bright, vibrant colors that are sure to work on anyone, but it’s only natural that her go-to is still a good nude.


Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde, who in her resume can boast positions like Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, is currently the President of the European Central Bank. Her go-to manicures are always timeless looks, with her favorites being a French manicure and a classic red polish sported on short-to-medium nails.

Jane Fonda

The Oscar-winning actress (and model, environmentalist, philanthropist) we all know as Grace from Grace and Frankie does not seem to be a fan of bright colors. She usually wears long nails coated with a pink nude for any occasion, from the acceptance of her latest Golden Globe to the protests she attends regularly.

Sonia Sotomayor

Justice Sotomayor has been serving the United States Supreme Court for almost 12 years. The first Hispanic person to ever be nominated for the role, she loves to bring a bit of her cultural heritage into everything she does: her signature nails, which she first wore at her confirmation hearings after being advised to wear neutral-colored nail polish, are red, medium length, and squared.


Ava DuVernay

A talented and acclaimed filmmaker, Ava DuVernay is the recipient of several prestigious awards, such as several Emmys and the directing prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Her manicures seem to always match her outfits perfectly, but she shows a clear preference for edgy, dark shades like black and wine.

Alexandra Keith

Alexandra Keith is nothing short of extraordinary. She’s currently the CEO of Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Division, which is worth nearly $13 billion, while also being on the Board of Directors of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a company dedicated to paving the path to sustainability. Her strength is reflected in her favorite polish colors, which are stone gray and dark shades of burgundy.

Yuriko Koike

Yuriko Koike has been the Governor of the city of Tokyo for the past five years, and she is the first woman covering that role. In all her public appearances, she can be seen rocking a very natural manicure: she loves to keep her nails long, almond-shaped, and protected with a layer of clear polish.

Kitya King

Kitya King needed all the knowledge she had gathered from her degree in chemistry and licenses in Cosmetology and Esthetics when she first started her company: her objective was to create the perfect formula for pigmented, long-lasting non-toxic nail polish. Her brand, Mischo Beauty, currently offers a range of intense nail colors safe for every single user: Kitya King’s favorites seem to be vivid shades of red and coral.


Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, one of the most beloved and talented actresses in her generation, loves to wear nail polishes that are about as versatile as her acting skills: she prefers keeping her nails short and relying on beige nudes or light polishes, which make her picture-ready for every event.

Melinda Gates

A philanthropist and a former general manager at Microsoft, Melinda Gates is no doubt one of the most influential and giving people in the world. She has always been an advocate for the empowerment of girls and women everywhere, while also finding the time to take great care of herself: her hands seem to be almost perpetually treated to a pale pink manicure on short nails.

Whether your go-to is timeless shades or statement polishes, a manicure should always be a reflection of your own personality and creativity. This month, when you’re taking some time to give yourself a manicure, be sure to pick a shade that will give you a confidence boost, channel your inner female hero and snap a nailfie and tag us on Instagram!

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