Valentine’s Day is for (nail) Lovers

Valentine’s Day symbolizes a major disruption in the sober, subtle winter nail trends: February is the month that allows us to break out all of our favorite summer shades, like loud reds and bright pinks. Whether you prefer keeping a low profile or the fictional character you most relate to is Elle Woods, we’ll provide you with a nail art inspiration that will make you realize February cannot possibly come soon enough. After all, Valentine's Day is for (nail) lovers!.

Romantic French

If you don’t enjoy diving into complex nail art or you simply believe that less is more, then you’ll absolutely love these V-day themed French tips. Use your two favorite pink and red shades and let the world know you’re date-ready!


Dreamy sky

There are few things that are more romantic than a sunset, and this cute manicure will allow you to take a little bit of that magic wherever you go. The base is nothing more than a pink-yellow ombre (which is now completely mess-free, thanks to the saving tray) that is then decorated with small, fluffy clouds (and you can add some glitter for extra glam!).


Heart tips

Plastering hearts on whatever you can is a crystal-clear way to let everyone around you know that you do, in fact, celebrate Valentine’s day. Try letting people know how much you’re in love with love (and, maybe, your significant other) by using your nail tips as a canvas to portray as many hearts as you’d like. You can use your stiletto or almond nails as a base for a single big one, or if you prefer square-shaped nails just repeat the same pattern made up of small hearts over and over.


Gold hearts

If you’re afraid that your heart tips might chip too easily, then it’s good that you have the rest of your nail plate to explore your creativity. We’re in love with these little gold hearts, that are both incredibly romantic and recall the gold design trends of this past winter. You have the liberty of filling them however you’d like or leave them the color of your base polish.


Glitter smile lines

Fans of tidiness will love this manicure. If you have a steady hand and enjoy line art, give these smile lines a go: they work with all kinds of nail shapes, just make sure that your nail is long enough. We think that glitter is perfect for date night, but you could also experiment with your favorite reds.

Flower Art

Nothing makes you feel as special as receiving flowers from your date, and that’s one thing that will never change. If you’re trying to send some subtle hints, incorporating a few flowers into your manicure might be a good way to do so. And if you’re willing to go the extra mile, try using real, dried flowers for your manicure: press them on your nail with a glitter press and we promise you that the result will be absolutely stunning.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an evergreen trend that allows you to have a Valentine’s themed manicure without having to change it right away on February 15th: the pale pink and white means that it’s perfectly compliant with the strictest of dress codes, and you can have your fun incorporating a little gold in there or, honestly, even glitter. Another pro is that it’s supposed to emulate nature, so there’s really no way you can do a poor job.


We hope these designs had you take out your most romantic shades ahead of time to experiment with what you like and find the perfect V-day mani: tag the #nailpropshop on IG to have your nailfie featured!

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