What Color is Missing From Your Collection?

I have always loved red on my nails.  I am honestly not sure when it all started but I once read something that stated red makes you more confident or something similar and eventually, it just stuck. Looking down and seeing a nice red manicure just made me smile, it made me feel like I was put together and ready to take on the day. Back when I used gel polish, I had red nails almost constantly (I actually had stained nails for a while and had to take a break for a few weeks).  I even had about 20 shades of red because I was so drawn to the color that I would always pick up a shade when I was shopping.  Not to mention the fact that the quest for the perfect “true red” never really ends, but half of the fun is collecting the shades that work well with everything.

Flash forward to the future where I have switched to dip powder and have at least 150 colors in my collection.  I was getting tired of constantly having to dig through colors and flip them all over so to read the names of the colors.  I also don’t like to store my colors upside down, as storage container has space for the dips to move around in and storing them upside down makes me feel as though they are more likely to spill.  After a bunch of complaining (whoops!), my best friend graciously volunteered to label all my colors for me. Imagine my complete surprise when she said,

“Did you know you only have three shades of red?”

Uhm.  What?

So obviously as soon as I got the chance, I dug out my swatch sticks only to realize that she is absolutely right. While I have many shades of pinks, blues, and almost any glitter you can imagine, my reds are severely lacking!  This is especially because at least one of those red shades is relatively difficult to work with.  I send a message back to her about my complete shock and she responds with, “Don’t worry, I helped you out with that.”

When I get my colors back, I look through them and I see that she gave me two more reds to add to my collection!  Now I need to find the time to sit down and swatch them.  I’m so thankful for her and her willingness to share across our collections.  She loves blue, so every time I get a new one in, I’m sure to send it to her and ask if she wants some.  I am not sure how we managed to have more of each other’s favorite colors than our own, but I do know that I’m excited to do my next red mani.  This epiphany has also made me realize that I have only done one red manicure since switching to dip powder almost a year ago. 

This manicure was not my favorite as it was a weird combination of the three reds that I do have, and they did not complement each other well at all.

On another note, I’m now secretly excited for another excuse to do some more shopping for dip powder…but that can be our little secret.


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