A Nailfie Prop themed for every month of the year!

Nail Prop Box

100% Happiness Guarantee

We take additional steps during the production process to ensure the clarity of the finished Prop. We are also extremely vigilant when it comes to quality control to ensure our customers receive a product that will last. 

Our products also have the benefit of being double-sided. We are manufacturing these Nailfie Props so that both sides are usable in photos which gives added versatility that translates to added value.

All boxes ship the month prior to the quarter beginning and tracking will be emailed to you. 

2021 Schedule:

Apr-June ships in March 

Jul-Sept ships in June 

Oct-Dec ships in Sept

Jan-Mar ships in Dec

You will be billed QUARTERLY via PayPal for a total of $38.50 every three months. Enjoy Free Shipping!

Resin Disclosure
  • Please be advised that while we take as much precaution as possible, sharp edges may be present on your product.   If you find a section that you feel may be too sharp, use a nail file and gently file down the edge.  Do not rub your skin across these sections.

  • While excessive bubbling is not normal, some bubbles or air pockets may occur.  These minor imperfections are not grounds for a discount.  Any products that have too many bubbles or pockets are put in our Markdown Madness section at a clearance price.

Why You'll love it
  • A Nailfie Prop themed for each month.

  • Each prop is individually boxed so you can suprise yourself every month or open them all at once.

  • Cancellations are accepted before the next billing cycle. 

  • For example:
    If you no longer wish to receive a sub box as of Oct, you will need to cancel before being billed in Aug. 

  • This is due to the fact that all of these products are hand made and we must know exactly how many are needed for each cycle.  

Color Disclosure
  • Each piece is unique.  While the overall design may be of the same style, the placement of each color within that design will vary.